Photos of Joshua

[Joshua had his face sketched at Lithonia Lighting company picnic - October 2001]

[Joshua hunts in Grandpa Karg's creek - December 2000]
Joshua has a great time with snow and ice at Grandpa Karg's creek.

[Joshua in a friends pool - August 2000]
Joshua has a good time in a swimming pool.

[Joshua in the water at Pensacola - July 2000]
Joshua takes in some waves and enjoys the breeze.

[Joshua on wooden swing - Easter 2000]
Joshua works out on a wooden swing that Grandpa Karg built.

[Joshua playing in the mud - Spring 2000]
Joshua finds his first muddy spot.

[Joshua designs his treehouse - Spring 2000]
Joshua designs his treehouse while sitting on his swingset.

[Jacob and Joshua sit on Grandpa Karg's logs - Easter 2000]
Cousin Jacob and Joshua play on some of Grandpa Karg's cherry logs.

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