The Karg Family

[Anna and Joshua with Great Grandpa Karg - December 2000]
Anna and Joshua with Great Grandpa Karg

[Anna and Dad in Conyers, GA - December 2000]
Anna and Dad enjoy a snow day in their Georgia backyard

[Joshua,Mom,Anna at Stone Mountain Park Grist Mill - Summer 2000]
Joshua, Mom, and Anna at Stone Mountain Park, Georgia, with the Grist Mill in the background

[Patricia with Anna - Spring 2000]
Patricia enjoys some quality time with Anna on our oak swing that Steve built. We get a lot of enjoyment from the swing and Anna!

[Patricia with Anna at Philip's 5th birthday party - Spring 2000]
Patricia holds Anna at a friends birthday party at Johnson Park.
Photo by Tom Anschutz

[Joshua with broken statue - Spring 2000]
Joshua tries to figure out how he will fix the broken statue of Virgin Mary in Mary's Garden. Now ask him how the statue was broken!

[Joshua with Megan, our dog - Winter 1999]
Joshua looks at Megan, our dog, as she goes for a swim in a nearby stream.

[Joshua's birdhouse get's some use - Spring 2000]
Joshua's birdhouse gets some use from a bird, seen flying to get some food for the little birdies.

[Joshua and Anna - Spring 2000]
Joshua and Anna are having a good time on our sofa.

[Our Cat Rebel - Spring 2000]
Our cat is named Rebel. She has an attitude.

[Our Dog Megan, kissing Anna - Spring 2001]
Our dog is named Megan. She likes to kiss people.

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