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The Unofficial
Home Page!

Venango Christian High School

This page has some e-mail addresses and other things from VCHS. Hopefully you will help me add things to it!

Glen Roberts also has a page for Who's Who from Oil City. Register there and see others who have.

Hometown News at The Derrick.

VCHS E-Mail:

Mail to Venango Christian High School.

Here is an easy way to send e-mail to other alumni.

Lou Karg (1985)
Pat Karg (1988)
Rachel (Karg) & John Overheim
Jessica (Karg)& David Stevens

Steve Karg (work) (1984)
Joe Smith (work) (1984)
Jeff Bates (1984)
Dan Behringer (work) (1984)
Shawn Witherup (1984)
Lori (Bianchi) & Ken Nichols (1984)
Philip Stearns ? (1984)
Jim Lutz - obituary (1984)

Jeff Smith (1986)

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